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  • Thursday, March 12, 2020
  • 9:47 AM

Term 1 2020 Off to a GREAT Start

We started the new school year on 13 January. We currently have 84 children which is about the same number as we had last year. We have had beautiful rains so Dayspring is green and growing. We were blessed with our annual visit from the Danish School; they had 74 students and about 10 staff. Dayspring presented a number of cultural Christian items and they also sang songs for us. They always graciously bless us with a donation of good quality kid’s clothes. We also had a team of 7 volunteers from the USA. Five of the team members were here 3 years ago. Two of the team were teenage girls. They worked hard and blessed us with 5 more amazing and sturdy picnic tables, shelves for 4 different areas, plus replacing the top water storage tank and supports on the water tower. They left money for us to finish re-plumbing the water system to make it more efficient. They played with the kids, did Bible study and crafts and loved on everyone. We really appreciated their time, sacrifice, donations and hard work! We have been equally blessed with a 2 month visit by Mona Lea Zimmer who is also from the USA. She has been helping everywhere there is a need; Such as with the kitchen ladies to peel veg, cutting out and sewing shorts, doing a wonderful Bible Study on Thursday nights, reading her stories to the students, leading devotions for the staff, and most importantly ministering to the kids. She has been a great help and blessing to us; we will really miss her when she goes home next week. Barb and Dave Nordquist were here again for 6 weeks. Barb did training with staff on how to help and handle ‘angry’ kids. It was very relevant and practical and we appreciate her input, time and sacrifice each year. Dave helped with some maintenance issues. Elijah started training the boys in soccer and Nora has begun to train the girls in Netball. The kids really enjoy doing sports in the afternoon and it also assists with overall healthier, happier children. We have been blessed with 2 donations of used jungle gyms which Elijah has taken down and begun to erect. They are a wonderful addition to the one we have and the younger children LOVE to climb, slide, swing,… We have been thoroughly blessed to welcome back the same amazing staff we had last year minus two student teachers who have gone on to train in other schools and continue their studies! We praise God for the mature and loving staff that we have as we know their hearts are united in the vision of seeing these children reach their full potential and purpose in Christ Jesus! It has been a wonderfully crazy start to the year and we are super excited to see what Jesus has in store for us as the year unfolds.